studio etiquette


We want to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience at Hot Yoga Newcastle, so we kindly ask that you respect the etiquette of the yoga room.



  • Please take off your shoes and place them in the shoe racks that are provided.
  • Please wear socks (or clean shoes such as flip flops) around the studio and changing rooms if you have any verrucas or other foot complaints.
  • Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your class to prepare yourself before the class starts. Classes start promptly at their advertised time and late arrivals will not be permitted.
  • All practitioners are required to use a towel over the top of studio mats when practicing. The towel must be large enough to cover the majority of the mat. If you do not have a towel, they can be rented from the front desk.
  • Please allow enough time for the previous class to exit, before entering the studio.
  • Respect the silence of the yoga room.
  • If you begin to feel ill, dizzy or faint, sit and rest and try to sip some water until the feeling passes. This feeling is not uncommon, and we suggest trying to recover in the room if you can. If you feel you want to leave the studio, please do so between postures and wait to return to the class between postures.
  • Bags, food (including chewing gum) and electronics/mobile phones are NOT allowed in the yoga studio during class. You will only need your mat, towel and bottle of water.
  • Only water, no flavoured drinks (including “sports” drinks) are permitted in the yoga studio.
  • No glass or glass containers, are allowed in the studio.
  • Please wear the correct attire to class. You will need to wear clothing that is close fitting, breathable, lightweight, and that you can move freely in. Avoid Baggy clothing. We recommend athletic clothing such as a short top and bottoms for women and shorts for men.
  • The front rows are for experienced Bikram Yoga students. If you choose to be in the front row remember you are an example to those behind you.
  • Please avoid using aerosols, strong perfumes and body oils when visiting the studio. During class you have opened up your lungs and allowing strong toxins into your lungs isn’t good for you or others.
  • Please be quick and efficient whilst in the changing rooms. Please do not shave in the showers.
  • Valuables and possessions are left at the owner’s risk. Lockers are provided for the convenience of practitioners and padlocks can be rented from the front desk.
  • Please respect all Hot Yoga Newcastle staff. We reserve the right to take necessary action if we deem somebody’s behaviour to be anti-social, rude or disrespectful.
  • If you have any injuries or health changes please inform your teacher regularly.
  • If you are sick, please be considerate of other people and refrain from coming to the studio until you are better.