COVID-19 Update from Hot Yoga Newcastle

We know that everyone is looking forward to be able to get back to practicing with us.  From carefully considering the guidelines that have been provided by the U.K. Government with regards to gyms and fitness studios reopening, we feel that at this time we cannot yet offer the best hot yoga experience for you.  As such we will continue to not be offering in studio classes.  We will be listening to government advice and updating as things change.


All active packages have been paused until we are able to return to the studio, but until this time please keep yourselves healthy and safe.  We are a community, and we must work together to support and protect each other.  Most of all, please stay calm.


I hope to practice with everyone again soon,


Namaste 🙏🏻


Welcome to Hot Yoga Newcastle!

With a passion for our practice we have created a space to be able to bring original hot yoga classes to Newcastle upon Tyne for the first time.

Whether you have practiced yoga before or want to try it for the first time, our professional teachers are here to guide you through each of our classes, while our infrared heat panels help create the perfect environment so that you can gain the most benefits from your hot yoga practice because after-all, hot yoga is more than just a hot room.


New to Hot Yoga?

Get our introductory membership and try as many of our classes as you want for 30 days for only £30 (new students only)


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Find the best class for you

We have a variety of hot yoga classes which have all been designed to work with the heat in the studio to systematically stretch and strengthen all the muscles of your body.  Our professional instructors are here to guide and help you throughout.

Let’s sweat, pet

Our classic yoga hot class using a set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, designed to strengthen all the muscles of the body while developing focus. Often referred to as Bikram Yoga be prepared to work hard, sweat and surprise yourself.

A marriage between classic Hot 26 and a more traditional flow practice, this class includes a set sequence of 50 postures with additional focus on core strengthening, hip opening and upper body strength and stability.

Not quite feeling the heat? Or maybe you just want to create your own heat? We are now offering our classic 26 posture practice but done at a warm ambient temperature.  Gain all the same benefits, but with a little less sweat.

Community of Friends

We are a small, family-run yoga studio, in the wonderful city of Newcastle upon Tyne.  With a passion for the heat, we specialise in a selection of hot yoga styles, offering classes for anyone and everyone that wants to experience this practice.


With our studio we aim to create a space that is just as warm and inviting as the people of the North East.  We are here to support, motivate and challenge each other, growing together, both in class and out.

Contact Us

  07487 355 888

Find Us

  Unit 19, The Clothworks, Heaton

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5XB

What are we getting up to…

Classes suspended

Due to the coronavirus crisis, classes are paused until further notice.

Stay home, stay safe

New classes added

Do you want a quick yoga fix?

We have added our new 60 minutes express class to our timetable!

We are OPEN!!

Classes starting 9th December 2019

The Clothworks Business Centre in Heaton