It may be temporary but it feels like home.

We are pleased to announce classes starting in October 2019!


For all our yogi’s who have contacted excitedly waiting for our Bikram yoga classes to start… that time is near.  We are currently fitting out the final parts to our temporary yoga studio in the Kingsland Church Studios.  This will be our temporary home while the construction continues on our custom yoga studio in Newcastle.


Our temporary studio is still more than just an empty room.  Our temporary home features space for up to 20 students.  We have imported custom inferred panels designed for hot yoga studios to produce an even heat throughout the studio.  This provides a controllable heat that allows us to have repeatable temperatures for all our classes… the way hot yoga was meant to be practiced.  Along with the custom IR heating we also feature the necessary mirrored wall to help practitioners better align their postures to truly get the most out of their practice.  Get ready to get your sweat on!


Our goal is for our new custom studio to be completed in the first part of 2020.

Hot Yoga Newcastle

@ Kingsland Church Studios

85 Gordon Rd

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2FE

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