our new home is nearly ready

For everyone that has contacted us about wanting to start their hot yoga journey, the time is nearly here.


We have found the perfect location, and now we are working on building the perfect space for our hot yoga family to grow.   We had hoped to have everything ready and open by the end of 2020, but unfortunately the world has delayed us slightly, but we will continue to keep you updated through our website and social media platforms.





Many hot yoga studios use traditional fan heating systems for their practice.  These systems create uneven temperature levels and waves of hot and cold air which can make your practice unpleasant.  Fan heaters also increase the humidity in a space and can circulate air pollutants.  This creates a stuffy environment which can affect your breathing during practice.

We have chosen to use infrared heating panels in our studio.  Infrared panels work by radiating heat to heat an object directly, such as you, rather than the air around you.  This provides a more consistent heat during your practice. This in turn creates a superior hot yoga experience by simulating a natural hot and dry environment.  Rather than practicing in a suffocating atmosphere, the air feels clean leaving you feeling soothed and revitalised.

In addition to our heater panels, we have also have full height mirrors on our studio walls to allow you to see your practice and be able to align your postures, truly gain the benefits from the class.

All classes include the use of studio mats, and we have mat towels available for rent if you don’t have your own.

We look forward to practicing with you


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We are a small, family-run yoga studio, in the wonderful city of Newcastle upon Tyne.  With a passion for the heat, we specialise in a selection of hot yoga styles, offering classes for anyone and everyone that wants to experience this practice.


With our studio we aim to create a space that is just as warm and inviting as the people of the North East.  We are here to support, motivate and challenge each other, growing together, both in class and out.

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137 - 141 Chillingham Road, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5XL