Studio Classes - What to know

We are so happy to be able to return to the studio and to in-person classes, and while the U.K. Government has lifted all restrictions at the moment, we are going to continue to follow some of our COVID-19 systems at the studio for 

  • Your safety
  • The safety of others
  • Allows us to stay open & operate as a safe business.

Thank you for your cooperation, support & understanding!


What specific measures are in place


  • We will continue to run classes at a limited capacity of 10 practitioners
  • Online reservations are required for all classes which also limits payment contact at the yoga school.
  • Contactless sign in for each class. As we have your reservation you will only be asked your name if we don’t already know you.
  • Each participant is required to sanitize their hands upon entering the yoga school.
  • Our air flow system is running continuously and will be refreshing the air constantly during each class
  • Heating system has been adjusted to allow for maximum capacity of fresh air to be brought in.
  • Heating system has been adjusted to block air recirculation.
  • Thorough cleaning measures in place before and after every lesson.

Before Class

  • Bookings are required for all classes at the studio
  • For hygiene all practitioners are required to use a towel to cover their mat during practice.  This must be a towel large enough to cover most of the mat.  A small hand towel is not considered acceptable and you will be required to rent a larger one instead
  • Please keep movement around the studio to a minimum, avoiding touching surfaces unnecessarily

at the studio

  • Changing rooms, lockers & showers are open and available for use.  But please keep your time and use in these areas to a minimum so that everyone has the opportunity to use them.  The facilities are cleaned between each class.
  • If possible arrive with your yoga clothes already on (under your street clothes).
  • Arrival & check in for classes is 20 – 5 minutes before the class. The door is locked at the scheduled start time of the class and late arrivals will not be permitted in
  • If you are using the NHS Track and Trace app, we will continue to keep our QR code check-in at the front desk, as well as hand sanitiser in various locations around the studio


What to bring with you:

  • You are more than welcome to continue to wear your face mask in and around the studio.
  • Large towel to cover the ENITRE LENGTH OF THE MAT 
  • Extra towel for drying yourself off after class.
  • Plastic bags to put your wet towels in after class.
  • Water bottle to drink water before and after class – do not put your head under the sink! Or buy a coconut water from us.

🔥 IN THE hot ROOM 🔥

  • Do not move the mats around the studio.  They are positioned with distances in mind
  • Remove your shoes at the front desk and leave them outside of the studio
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Use the toilets BEFORE you enter the yoga room
  • Try to stay in the studio and wait on your mat for the class to begin.  This will help us to keep social distancing within the studio as much as possible
  • Please leave all belongings other than your towel and water, outside of the studio, in the lockers provided

Cancellation Policy

  • We want to give everyone who wants to take class the chance to do so. We are working with a limited capacity, and quite often waitlists therefor we have a strict NO SHOW & LATE CANCEL POLICY.
  • When you do not show up for class or cancel less than 6 hours before the start time of the class you will be charged one credit. If you no show 3 times you will be blocked from being able to make any further bookings.
  • Moving forward from August 2021, if you have an unlimited pricing option (Intro Month, Monthly Membership, Month Unlimited or Year Card Unlimited) you will be charged £5 LATE FEE to the bank details we have on file or added to your account which will need to be paid the next time you visit the studio
  • We want this policy to be a deterrent and not something we have to enforce, please help us on this and respect the booking & cancellation window that is in place. It is only fair to enable those who want to take class the chance to do so.
  • Please don’t put us in the position of judging whether or not your reason for late cancel is a good one or not.