Statement concerning Bikram Choudhury

When I (Victoria) first had the plan to open Hot Yoga Newcastle my aim was to bring the original 26 posture hot yoga practice, also known as Bikram yoga, to Newcastle upon Tyne for the first time, and in this process to create a space where people could come together and share their practice, learning from each other and growing together.


Over the past few years unpleasant revelations about Bikram Choudhury, the man who introduced this practice to the West, have come to light. These accusations include abuse of power, sexual misconduct and assault.



To be clear, I stand with many yoga teachers and studio owners around the world and unequivocally condemn this behaviour. I support the women and men that were victims of this abuse. I in no way have financially contributed to Bikram Choudhury now or ever; have never been part of a franchise or sent Bikram Choudhury or anyone associated with him any money.    


While ‘Hot Yoga’ has become a bit of an umbrella name for all yoga practiced in a heated environment it was because of these revelations that I wanted to choose the name Hot Yoga Newcastle for my studio instead of Bikram Yoga Newcastle.  We will continue to offer the original 26 posture Bikram yoga series under its specific conditions, using the name Hot 26, as this series has been proven to have fantastic results.  We will continue to offer Hot 26 as our main practice style in its original 90 minute format.


To be clear again; I condemn his behavior and I as a business owner and teacher distance myself from him.